Cecropia Moth 


 Above: Iraqi Camel Spider 


 Iam pronounced "I Am" 

 Below: Wing-Battle Machine 

 Above: Leaf Minor 

 1' Human Praying Mantis 

 The Lorde's Soldier 

 Gold Star 

 Exig. comprised of Exigua Cymothoa 


 Turquois Joey Leafhopper 

 Leafhopper Militant 

 Dwarf Sized Leafhopper Body Guard 

 Chameleon King - Human Form 

 Chameleon King - Crawling through 

 building walls and floors. 

 Chameleon King - Godzilla sized 

 breaking down into alligator sized lizards 

 Chameleon King - Alligator sized 

 breaking down into medium sized 


 Chameleon King - Medium sized 

 lizards breaking down into tiny sized 


 Below: Robert Harmony 


 Lexy - Dragonfly Legs

 Essence - Breaks down into molecules 

 The Fly